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Increase your engagement through more effective goal management and simplified administration for leaders.

Being a leader is a challenging job. A leader must support the culture, ensure competence and increase motivation in the team. Do you want to give leaders and employees the right tools to achieve your goals? It's time to digitize your development processes.

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The right goals x clear feedback = engagement

Two of the most important prerequisites for creating engagement in the organization are the right goals and clear feedback. Have you created the right conditions for leaders to engage employees?

The Features

Effective 1 to 1 meetings

Tools that help leaders in their

follow-up of employees. Make sure conversations are conducted and effective.

Supported by templates and digital coaching

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Effective goal management

Realize your plans through clear goals and activities for the company and employees, get everyone involved in the development process.

Set the right goals to each individual. Goals that align with the company strategies.

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Measure the work environment

Measure your work environment and the well-being of employees to understand the current situation, then you can develop the right things.

How is your employees work-life balance? Test and discuss in your follow-up meetings.

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We will help you develop your leadership

Ask our leeder coaches when you need support as a leader.

It's easy to start working with Leeder, we help you get going. We also promise to help when you have questions. Use our Learning center to strengthen your knowledge and use the digital tools, but don't be afraid to ask us questions. Our leeder-coaches are there for you to help.

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