Clear goals with Hoshin Kanri

Clear goals with Hoshin Kanri

Setting and working with clear visions and goals in a company is a key to growth. Do you find it difficult to set goals and get all employees involved in the development process? Getting everyone in the company involved in the implementation of management’s plans and goals is a challenge. But there is a great tool to help you – Hoshin Kanri.

Hoshin Kanri is a key tool in quality development and, for example, LEAN. The tool helps organizations set a direction and work with the right things to develop.

The process of Hoshin Kanri

We have implemented the tool in our platform so that you as a company can work efficiently and structured with your development, from management all the way down to each employee.

The steps in Hoshin Kanri:

  1. The company’s management develops a strong vision that answers the question “Why does the company exist?”. The management team defines important goals. If they are achieved, they will create a competitive advantage for the company. These are big goals that are usually three to five years ahead.
  2. The management team divides the goals into annual goals. What should we as a company achieve within the next year?
  3. From the annual goals, it is identified which focus areas are important to address in order to be able to achieve the annual goals. What areas need to be improved? From there you can define the activities that need to be done.
  4. In the fourth step, you define your actual improvement goals. What needs to be done now, who is responsible and when should it be ready. In the platform, you can directly in the tool give responsibility to a leader in the organization who then gets that improvement goal and can start working with the execution of the goal.

At each step in the process, one also looks at the relationships between the parts. It gives a reflection and insight that everything is connected and that an improvement goal actually affects the long-term goal you have as a company.


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