Measure first, then you can act on the results

Get more insights on your organization and the most important challenges to act on.

Measure your organizational and psychosocial work environment to keep track of and improve the right things in the organization.

Test your work-life balance. Our unique Work-Life Balance Index gives employees an understanding of their working life balance and opportunities to capture an imbalance in time.

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Why you should measure?

Identify development

The purpose of conducting an employee survey is to identify which areas the company should develop to strengthen the work environment and employee satisfaction.

To find the right development goals, you must understand your present situation.

Chance for reflection

The survey is available for all employees and the results are presented in real time. The survey is completely anonymous.

For us, it is important that each employee has a chance to reflect on their situation, therefore we show the results both for the organization and for the individual.

Act on the results

When the employee survey is completed, the management can see which areas can be highlighted in the improvement work and which areas work well today.

Act on the results, with Leeder you activate the improvement plans and get action in the organisation.


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