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Goal management - Clear visions and goals

Setting and working with clear visions and goals in a company is a key to growth. Do you find it difficult to set goals and get all employees involved in the development process? Effective goal management is extremely important.

With Leeder, you get the tools to both create the goals and communicate them clearly to everyone in the organization.

Goals are broken down into the actual activities that need to be carried out to achieve the goals.

The employee is responsible for his goal and planning of activities.

Effective overview of meetings and development goals in employee cards

The leader has an overview and follows up the work with a coaching approach.

The organization's visions and goals

With our tests and exercises, you get the chance to reflect. Come well prepared, it gives you the chance to set the right development goals.

The department's goals are achieved through the employees

Leeder clarifies, and shows leaders and employees, at all levels, how their work contributes to the overall goals and what problems they should focus on to help achieve the organization's goals.

The right goal for each individual in the organization

With PQM®, employees and leaders receive exercises and tools to find the right development goals. Set the right goals for both the organization and the individual. Goals that motivate the employee and harmonize with the organization's growth.

Corporate culture, visions and strategy

A corporate culture is the norms, values and attitudes that create behavior, which is the basis for a company. How do we want your company to be? A clear corporate culture creates a safe environment where employees know what is expected, what behaviors are accepted.

This has a major impact on the company's ability to succeed financially. In the end, customers should feel that what the company says in its marketing and sales is what they encounter in all contacts with employees.


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