Five tips for a purpose-driven leadership

Purpose-driven leadership means that you share the same vision and goals. Your focus as a leader should be on creating the conditions for your employees to succeed with their goals. Leadership does not have to be difficult. Here are five tips on what you can do to:

  1. Common purpose - Inspire and create participation by being transparent with the company's direction and the overall goals.
  2. Clarity - Set clear expectations for each individual. By being clear about what to do, we also create security.
  3. Inclusive - Dare to trust that everyone can if they only get the right conditions. Let the how come from the employee. Build trust by sharing experiences and knowledge so that others grow with their tasks.
  4. Present - Listen to your employees. Take the time to ask how they are and if they need your support. There are no shortcuts here, you as a leader must be interested and also want to act on what you hear. Being present creates trust.
  5. Feedback - Do not wait to give feedback on things that you notice. Address it directly, especially the positive feedback. Being seen and heard creates dopamine, which gives us joy, enthusiasm and creativity.

Corporate culture, visions and strategy

A corporate culture is the norms, values and attitudes that create behavior, which is the basis for a company. How do we want your company to be? A clear corporate culture creates a safe environment where employees know what is expected, what behaviors are accepted.

This has a major impact on the company's ability to succeed financially. In the end, customers should feel that what the company says in its marketing and sales is what they encounter in all contacts with employees.


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