1 on 1 meeting

Effective 1 on 1 meetings with great results

Every 1 on 1 meeting with your employee is a unique opportunity to develop relationships, increase motivation and steer towards common goals. Leeder helps managers effectively manage employee meetings with our digital tool.

What if you could halve the time for your meetings, and also get a much higher effect and profitability of the work?

Effective overview of meetings and development goals in employee cards

Tools for documenting and pursuing development goals for each employee

Standardized templates that ensure quality in appraisal meetings

Ensure data security through secure storage of employee documentation

Easy access to all documentation

Our digital templates for appraisal's and follow-ups consist of questions that are carefully selected based on knowledge and research. The leader also has access to supportive in-depth questions to get the best effect and that there is an opportunity to prepare for the conversation with reflection exercises. An employee meeting shall provide new insights and opportunities for improvement for the individual and the organization.

Be prepared for your meetings

With our tests and exercises, you get the chance to reflect. Come well prepared, it gives you the chance to set the right development goals.

Easy access to all documentation

Store your employee appraisal meetings in the platform. Leaders send safely to employees who approve the document.

Set development goals together

The employee shares the development goals that are jointly agreed upon. The leader gets an effective overview and can better coach and follow up.

Individual goals, pulse reflections and feedback

Setting the right goals for employees is not always easy. With leeder, we want to help both leaders and employees to work with realistic and achievable goals. There must be reasonable and realistic goals for the employee in order for him or her to maintain motivation.

To achieve their goals, activities are needed and the platform sends out pulse reflections to each employee to drive the development work. The

process gives a chance to reflect and the opportunity to raise any issues and obstacles with their leader.

We believe in continuous follow-up. With leeder, managers and employees get a process for employee 1 on 1 meetings - all year round. Conversations that will develop the relationship and the organization. We are convinced that one of the most important activities for developing as an employee is every 1 on 1 meeting.

We give you the tools to create recurring opportunities for new insights and to streamline the conversation, both for the leader and employees. Regular employee interviews with a focus on setting personal, realistic development goals and the contribution of new ideas within the company through mutual communication are important cornerstones for success and further development, at both individual and organizational level.


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